Daring drinks in GeekiTikis mugs!

So perhaps you've seen somewhere on the internets these fantastic GeekiTikis Star Wars tiki mugs. Well, not one to stop when they're ahead, the folks at BeeLine Creative are continuing to get more licenses, and creating more great designs for your next tropical concoction. If you don't have a tropical concoction of your own, we've put together a few suggestions for you in the Tiki recipe section of BG Reynolds!

These mugs aren't entirely out yet, but will be available soon. Go to www.GeekiTikis.com to sign up for the Beeline Creative newsletter and for product alerts, and follow them at @beelinecreative.


Entertaining at your home bar

Portland Monthly recently wrote a nice article about home bars, portraying some of the more well finished ones around here in Portland. Personally, I'm still setting mine up, though, is a great home bar ever truly finished? BG Reynolds syrups can certainly find a space at any home bar, whether you're slinging scorpions with Orgeat, or relaxing by the mahogany and enjoying an old-fashioned with Rich Demerara, my products are there for your ease of use!

I took my products to Koopman Ostbo, a local branding firm I'm working with, to give the syrups and mixers a test drive outside of my usual tikified userbase. There was some great feedback, everyone loved the quality of the syrups and mixers, and got a bit creative. Here's some of what we discovered and enjoyed.

One of the most popular uses was just adding a dash of Lime Cordial to soda water. It's refreshing, the lime POPS with real key lime flavor, and it's non-alcoholic, so everyone from the designated driver to the 5 year old who just wants something tasty can enjoy. This works with just about each syrup, my personal favorites being Paradise Blend for a NA tropical, or Divine Vanilla, which makes a killer cream soda.

Another riff that worked well was simply making an old-fashioned. BG Reynolds syrups make fantastic modifiers, and Cinnamon, Rich Demerara and Vanilla work particularly well when pairing against Rye or Bourbon. As for me, you know I'm a rum guy and a cinnamon junkie, so I like to make a Rum old-fashioned with a nice El Dorado 15, and just a splash of cinnamon syrup and bitters, just enough to give it some backbone and amp up the flavors.

Of course, for home entertaining, sometimes you want to play bartender, and sometimes you just want to enjoy the company of your friends. That's where the mixers really come into play, where the juice has already been squeezed, the syrup cooked, the exotic bitters added, so you can just splash in your booze of choice and enjoy!

Now, what if you were to put the syrups and mixers together at the table? That's right... Passion Fruit Mai Tai! A Limey Zombie! The combination is all up to your imagination, and is a great way to spark creativity and conversation among your guests. To make this easier, I've now got 5oz bottles available for you to taste, try, and hopefully come back for more of the bigger bottles! The 5oz bottles are exclusive to the BG Reynolds website, and are of limited stock, so don't delay, order today!

Gift sets now available!

Want to check out BG Reynolds syrups without the commitment of a full bottle? Do you have someone in your life that wants nothing but the best for their cocktails? Check out our new BG Reynolds gift sets! Featuring 3 flavors in one pack, you can order a variety of our tropical mixers, or our top 3 syrups, Orgeat, Falernum, and Passion Fruit in one convenient pack! Each mixer and syrup made with real ingredients that a bartender can stand behind, you'll love the flavor, and just how much you get out of each bottle.

Give the gift of ultimate flavor for your cocktails today. Cheers!