How long will the syrups last after opening?

Original Orgeat, Lush Grenadine and Passion Fruit are fairly delicate; they should be refrigerated once opened and used within 60 days.

The rest of the syrups can last much longer, but should still be refrigerated if they are not in continuous use. To extend the product life, you can add a half ounce of high-proof spirits as a preservative.


Yes. Please click here to read more about purchasing wholesale and to complete an inquiry form.

How Are B.G. Reynolds' Syurps Made?

B.G. Reynolds' syrups are made with all natural ingredients. The recipes are derived from classic tropical drinks, and each syrup is developed with a unique blend of sugars, spices, and juices. Most are at or nearly at a 2:1 ratio of sugar to water. They are produced in small kettles and hot packed in glass for long-lasting preservation. Small amounts of xanthan gum and citric acid are used to meet guidelines for shelf stability and to prevent spoilage.

Where can I find B.G. Reynolds' syrups for retail purchase?

If you're looking to make a retail purchase, please contact your local liquor store to see if they carry B.G. Reynolds' products. Or place an order online through our online retail sellers (click here for a list).

What size bottles are your syrups available in?

Syrups are available in 375ml (12.7oz) and 750ml (25.4oz) bottles. We are no longer producing the smaller 5oz bottles. We can also package in 1-gallon jugs for high volume accounts, though these must be specially ordered. See our wholesale page for large packaging ordering information.

How do you source your ingredients?

We work with spice merchants, juice companies, and specialty sugar companies to get the highest quality product available. We emphasize working with other Northwest U.S. producers to maintain freshness and improve our local economy.

Do you still have Don's Mix and Don's Spices #2?

Yes, these products have been re-named as Paradise Blend and Tiki Spices, to reach a wider audience. We still refer to the original names on the backside of the labels.