Authentic Syrups & Mixers for Home & Hospitality

For years, bartenders have made their own ingredients behind the bar. Esoteric syrups from recipes of times past weren't available, and if they were, they were of poor quality with artificial ingredients and colors. 

BG Reynolds seeks to make complex cocktails not so complex with a line of premium quality, authentically bartender made products available for use behind the world's greatest bars, and on the shelf of your local store. BG Reynolds painstakingly sources real ingredients, lovingly makes all recipes from scratch, and tests each batch to be sure every last drop is fit for making the best cocktails and beverages.

We're thrilled to now offer a line of mixers as well, using the finest juices and bitters, to ensure an delightful experience that can be enjoyed even quicker. Join us in our quest to make the world a better place to drink.


Fresh & Natural Ingredients

Unearth the long-kept secrets to exceptional cocktails.

Made in Small Batches

Mix up your own exotic escape using our collection of handcrafted syrups.

Unique Flavor Combinations 

Cross into uncharted territory with original recipes or one-on-one consulting.