Authentic recipes from behind our bars.

It all began one night behind the bar...

Like any great bartender, Blair had always made his cocktail syrups from scratch. Sourcing the right ingredients, making sure the sweetness and richness were balanced, and of course, making sure they work great making the perfect cocktail. One night, after a long shift, he settled down and talked ingredients with a guest at the bar. The guest, a former bartender, lamented the difficulty in making all of the ingredients for their favorite cocktails by hand, and how many burned batches they'd go through or nights they'd be without the right syrups because they couldn't figure out how to make them consistenly. A light clicked, and a few months later BG Reynolds brought its first product, Orgeat, to the shelves.

Made by a bartender, for bartenders and home mixologists alike. Real ingredients, authentic recipes, incredible flavor, our housemade syrups and mixers made for your satisfaction, and to make complex cocktails slightly less complicated. 

BG Reynolds, established 2009

Blair Reynolds 


When you meet Blair Reynolds--the mastermind behind B.G. Reynolds’ Syrups--it becomes clear he is not only a devoted tiki drink aficionado but also a strategic business expert with an entrepreneurial drive, an innovative bartender and a well-loved bar owner based in Portland, Oregon. His dedication to sharing his passion for tropical libations and tiki culture is unmatched, and he’s most excited when helping others celebrate the idea of paradise revived (whether that involves making a delicious cocktail, creating new products, or supporting others in the hospitality and food service industries).

When not in the midst of a rush of Mai Tais, Blair enjoys spending time with his wife and partner, Sara Reynolds, and their three children.