Blair Garrett Reynolds

 Dear Founder, Blair Garrett Reynolds

A vision of paradise

As a child, Blair was enthralled with the visions of an exotic paradise from frequent summer trips through Polynesian islands. Many, many excursions to Disney parks also brought about a sense of wonder and awe in creating reality out of fantasy.

When sipping his first Fogcutter many years later, at a Trader Vic's in Emeryville, California, Blair knew finally that he was at home, in paradise.He quickly studied every available book and lore of the ancient art of tropical bartending. He traded an office job for time behind the stick, making his way from barback to management swiftly. His basement office soon became a home bar, more well equipped than many of its professional counterparts. He shared his findings and pleasures to the world with his blog,, and became renowned for his knowledge, and even more his passion for fantastic tiki and tropical drinks, and the experiences they brought to many happy guests. His Tiki nights at local lounges brought guests from miles around, and he began consulting and developing menus for bars around his home in Portland, Oregon.

In 2009, Blair launched his own line of bar syrups, originally under the brand Trader Tiki but rebranded in 2011 to BG Reynolds Syrups, which is still in use today. Blair's syrups are in heavy use in tiki bars across the nation, including the famed Trader Sam's at the Disney Resort, and Trader Sam's Grog Grotto in Disney World.

In 2012, Blair opened Hale Pele in Portland, Oregon, a culmination of his passion for all things tiki, with exceptional service and award winning cocktails.

Join BG Reynolds on his quest to bring Paradise to the pavement strewn cities, to make hidden alcoves into exotic escapes, and to make great cocktails available everywhere.

Available for speaking engagements, seminars, staff training, bar and product consultation.

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