B. G. Reynolds Launches New Tropical Cocktail Mixers


I’m thrilled to announce that B. G. Reynolds’ mixers will be hitting the shelves in late 2015. But before I spill the details, I wanted to share a little backstory about what led up to this exciting point.

When I initially got intro tropical cocktails, I dove in headfirst and fell in love with creating my own syrups, mixes and potions. My kitchen was abundant with sugar and spices and fresh citrus. It was a magical time—and I won’t kid you, a time with a lot more leisure than I have today.

After I was first approached about making my homemade syrups public, I thought I might not do too well, considering how seemingly simple it could be to make your own (at least for those of us who are willing to dive headfirst into mixological madness). Well, five years and a heap of sales later, I can see that making great drinks easier to craft definitely makes sense. Whether you’re a home mixologist looking to try a few recipes without committing to gallons of your own stuff or a bar manager wanting to set your costs low and quality high, my syrups hit the mark. 

Now, for those seeking an enjoyable home tiki bar experience that doesn’t involve squeezing citrus or preparing a dozen different ingredients, I’m proud to introduce the finest tropical mixers. Featuring the highest quality ingredients and true and tested recipes, these mixers make it easy for tropical cocktail lovers to mix and go. Simple, authentic, and damned tasty if I do say so myself. 

Here’s the lineup:

Mai Tai: One of the powerhouse potables in the tropical bartender’s little black book. Originating from Oakland, California, this is the drink that really put tropical cocktails on the map. B. G. Reynolds’ Original Orgeat makes for sweet, floral flavors while tart lime and smooth orange mellow out the mix for the ultimate combination. Mix with some crushed ice and your favorite aged rum for a taste of the tropics in a glass. 

Jet Pilot: Get ready for take-off with this rich mixture of citrus, cinnamon and spice! Only the best ingredients go into making this world-class mixer. Pair with your favorite aged rum. 

Zombie Punch: This potent punch of flavor is based on the original 1934 recipe for the drink that started the first tiki revolution. Hints of tropical flavors from pomegranate, grapefruit, lime and clove stir your spirits and awaken your tastebuds. Mix with any potent rum. 

The above mixers will retail for $15.99 each (for a 750mL bottle). Wholesale pricing and sizing is also available for professional use. For more info on how to order, visit BGReynolds.com