Some slick new changes to BG

Ahoy-hoy! Glad to have you here for the BG Reynolds experience. BG Reynolds is all about making the bartender's life easier, and hey, why shouldn't that extend to our website too?

The navigation and pictures have gone through some redesign to make it easier to find what you want here, and we've got a nice reminder to sign up for our newsletter. You really should, we're working hard to make it awesome with announcements, bartending tips, recipes, discounts, and reminders to restock on your favorite syrups!


On top of that, the Find Us page offers a comprehensive list of where to find BG Reynolds syrups and mixers, whether behind the bar or on your retail counter. We're working hard on getting it updated. With distribution in 20 states, it's hard to be sure every single store we're in. Be sure to call your local liquor store or specialty retailer!

For those of you in the not so well populated zones, we've brought back online ordering. No more hard searching for the best Mai Tai mixer on the planet, we've got it right here, ready to ship to you! And if you want a discount on that order, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below.

Enjoy the new design, next step is going to be getting some more recipes up, expanding into some new, uncharted drinking territory for BG Reynolds. We're masters of the art of tropical mixology here, but make a damned mean old-fashioned, refreshing daiquiris, and awesome gimlets to boot.

Until we drink again. Cheers!