Presentation is Key: Creative Ways to Show Off Your Drink Creations

Edible Cocktail Glasses

These days, thanks to Pinterest, if you want to really stand out then you have to take your game to the next level. Making a great cocktail is one thing. Displaying that cocktail in a way that earns Instagram shares and Snapchat story inclusion is an entirely different skill. A little bit of creativity and flair can go a long way. Here are a few creative ways to show off your cocktails:

Edible Cups

You can have your drink and eat it too! Edible cups are a great way to show that your drink isn’t just for drinking. For example, baking cookies into little shot glasses and then filling them with an Irish cream liqueur is a great dessert and drink! The process of making edible cups for your drinks is not always easy. In the above example, you would want to shape your cookie cups around shot glasses before baking them.

Another great way to make edible cups is to use fruit. Cups made out of fruit are especially great for sweeter, summertime drinks. Plus, if you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle you can feel good that you’re getting a piece of fruit into your diet every time you have a drink.

Mad Scientist

Mixing drinks is basically as close as you can get to being a scientist without getting a post secondary education. Why not show off your drinks like a scientist would show off their creations? Get some test tubes and offer small, one-sip drinks. Use bright colored mixers and syrups to make it look like you have been mixing crazy chemicals together. Of course, if you also happen to be an actual scientist who works with test tubes - be sure to keep your drinks and your experiments separate.

Garnish With Candy

Everyone enjoys a great drink. Everyone loves candy. Combine the two for a sweet presentation! Plus, there are so many different types of candy to choose from. You really have an option for every type of drink. Garnish a rum and cola with a gummy cola bottle. If you’re serving a Fuzzy Navel then you can garnish with a Fuzzy Peach candy. And, when in doubt, just throw some gummy bears into a glass to let them swim around. It doesn’t have to be complicated and your sugary garnish will certainly earn some smiles.

Show Off Your Personality

If you’re going to get a little creative with your presentation, be sure to incorporate your own personality into whatever you do. The presentation says just as much about you and your own style as it does about the drink. If you’re creating your signature wedding drink be sure to incorporate the theme of your wedding day. If it’s a birthday party for a friend then use something that reminds people of them. The thought that goes into the presentation is the most important part. Trust yourself and your judgement - the result will be amazing!