7 Rich Demerara cocktails you have to try

 Prescription Julep with Rich Demerara syrup

Rich Demerara has proven to be an incredible syrup, with lots of great cane flavor, and incredible versatility. Here are some incredible Rich Demerara cocktails from BG Reynolds and across the blogosphere slash interwebs!

Naturally, the first thing you're going to want to try is a Rich Demerara Old-Fashioned. You choose the booze, but to add that soft, subtle sweetness of real cane demerara sugar, Rich Demerara is your sweetener of choice.

What about tropical drinks? The Demerara Daiquiri fits the bill as an example of a super simple, but exquisitely complex-tasting cocktail. Keep mixing towards Daiquiri mastery, your friends will thank you! (Though, do expect to be bartending at every party... just put out a tip jar).

What about something a little more modern and unique? Blogger Jacob Grier has been experimenting with beer cocktails for the past few years, even putting out a book "Cocktails on Tap", all about blending booze and beer together. This Hangman's Bier with its mixture of stout and tropical cocktail ingredients sounds like a Daiquiri served at a brewery, and that sounds delicious.

The Ti' Punch, of course, is the next natural choice for the simple and sophisticated tropical drinkers out there. With a fair share of rich and rare Martinique Rhum, and just a splash of Rich Demerara syrup and lime. Enough to palatize the potent potion, but not drown it in sugar.

Looking through the pages of Imbibe Magazine, you'll find The Southtown, a delightfully different variation on a Moscow Mule, with a lovely blend of gin, for sweet florals, and a dash of pepper and ginger beer for spice. So modern, so sophisticated, so refreshing we want one right now!

At Punchdrink, the classic Sidecar is made with wondrous attention to detail by the talented Joaquin Simo. Of course, one of our favorite details is his use of Rich Demerara Syrup.

Finally, last and absolutely certainly not least, hailing from David Wondrich's Imbibe comes the Prescription Julep. I'll tell you what, hand me a $50 copay and I'll write you a prescription for one myself, no need to get doctors and insurance involved.

Well, your drinking for the week is planned. So many great recipes to try, what will you come up with next? Submit your original recipe to BG Reynolds, and we'll put it on the site!