BG Reynolds on Bartender at Large

Blair had the awesome opportunity this past summer to be interviewed by the famed Erick Castro on his Podcast & YouTube show, Bartender at Large! When Blair isn't peddling syrups, sometimes life catches up. The stress of balancing entrepreneurship and family life, business dealings and relationships that have gone bad, can all take its toll. Blair has spent the past few years discovering life beyond the bar, and coping mechanisms for dealing with depression, stress, and the general mania of running a not always successful business. It ain't all sunshine and syrups, but check the video below for Erick's interview with Blair and learn a little more about the man behind the passion (and passion fruit).

Bartender at Large Movie Available Now! Go to to purchase! This week we are excited to have the ever-talented Blair Reynolds of B.G. Reynold's Syrups join us and talk about some deeper issues than the average conversation.