In the Desert Oasis Room (Podcast)


I know what you've been thinking. Hey, I drink his syrups and stare at pictures of his drinks, but why haven't I ever heard Blair, the man behind BG Reynolds, tell his story in an interview!

Well, you're in luck. Our friend Adrian Eustaquio hosts a great podcast called "Inside the Desert Oasis Room". He talks tiki bars, conjures ancient recipes, and even interviews tiki luminaries. He even let me on the show! But after a heavy bout of editing, it was finally made publicly palatable and censorship free.

Have a listen to the podcast here, where Adrian talks me into divulging some of the secrets of my syrups, as well as my background ( I wasn't born with a golden swizzle stick ) and what drew me into the world we call Tiki.

Join the Desert Oasis Facebook Group, and have a listen in to the podcast!