What to do with Rich Demerara syrup

So you've procured your bottle of BG Reynolds Rich Demerara syrup, the joy of finally tasting this wonderful elixir sets your mind to dancing. You reach your hand our for your nearest bottle of... well, what do you reach for? What exactly can or should you make with Rich Demerara syrup?

Rich Demerara of course works astonishingly well as a replacement for lesser sweeteners in cocktail recipes. Jot down a few of your favorite drinks. Daiquiri, Old-Fashioned, Suffering Bastard, Mai Tai, whatever you fancy. All of these will have some form of bar syrup, simple syrup, rock candy syrup, or gum/gomme syrup. If you were to substitute Rich Demerara syrup when the recipe calls for one of the above, you'll find a silken mouthfeel, and a touch of rich, sugarcane flavor in every delightful sip.

As an improvement for drinking spirits neat. Let's say you are at a party, and you and your pals have all brought your finest bottles of bourbon to try. Each of you, downing the shot, gets the burn, winces a bit, and enjoys the "flavor" on the way down. How could you improve the experience? By taking the base spirit, and lovingly modifying it with a dollop of ice, a teaspoon of Rich Demerara syrup, and two dashes of bitters, so that you may enjoy the drinking experience and survive the night with throats and stomachs intact for the next day.

But how could it work outside of the cocktail setting? I could tell you a million and one ways if I had the time. Let's start simple, with a splash of Rich Demerara syrup in your coffee or tea. The sugarcane flavor improves and supports the flavor, instead of just making it palatable enough to sip. Perhaps you're making waffles or pancakes, try Rich Demerara syrup over the top for a touch of sugarcane flavor. Preparing a holiday feast? Glaze that roast beast with Rich Demerara syrup!

Anywhere you need a sweetener that'll stick to it, BG Reynolds Rich Demerara syrup is there for you! And of course, see below for a plethora of recipes using Rich Demerara syrup, some tiki, some classic, all delicious!