In regards to Rich Demerara.

In regards to Rich Demerara.

If you're reading this, it's because you're incredible. A dashing, daring wonderful host, and not afraid to treat yourself to a touch of the finer stuff, be it your furnishings or your cocktails. Of course, if you're going to treat yourself to a fine cocktail, you're going to use premium spirits. "Life is too short to drink swill" is something you might say, and your spirits "library" supports this.

But the record skips when pouring your cocktail. After the finest of spirits and freshest of juices, you've added plain white sugar, or store-bought "bar syrup" made from goodness knows what? Surely, you can't be mixing your $50 bottle of spirits with a poor quality sugar. That spirits needs a friend, and that friend, my friend, is Rich Demerara syrup.

But what the hell is Rich Demerara you ask? Why would anyone think to use this fancy stuff when plain white sugar has always worked fine? Well, prepare to be illuminated.

First, the word "Rich". For your standard bar syrup, that's a 1:1 ratio. Meaning you're not adding a confectioner's standard for syrup, you're adding sugar water, diluting your drink further, and making cocktail mixing even more precarious for over-diluted drinks. "Rich" denotes a 2:1 formula of sugar to water before preparing. When the final syrup is ready, it sweetens without diluting, giving your drink a robustness of flavor, and lets you control the dilution.

A long history on Demerara Sugar, cut short.

Demerara originally was a style of sugar found in the Dutch colonized Demerara region, in what is now Guyana. It was famed for its rich, creamy flavor due to the best quality cane in the region, and the minimal processing used. Nowadays, most Demerara sugar is made with minimal processing, using the highest quality cane sugar available. It is still very popular in the UK for tea, though UK Demerara is often processed with Molasses added back in, but I digress.

So Rich Demerara is a thick syrup using the finest, minimally processed sugar. That's all fine and well, but what do we use it for? Everything.

If your recipe calls for premium aged spirits and bar, gum, gomme, or simple syrup, the addition of Rich Demerara syrup will certainly improve the final cocktail. Of course, you may need to make some adjustments on the amount, given the higher sweetness and reduced dilution. Rich Demerara comes much closer to fresh cane than over-processed white sugar, so there's considerably more flavor and depth added to each sip. The mouthfeel it adds to everything makes for a luxurious drinking experience, sure to make that Old-Fashioned a magical experience.

For your drinking pleasure, we've added a few new cocktails to our recipes section, with instructions and pictures. And the next time you reach for your finest spirits, may the finest Rich Demerara syrup follow.

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