Recommended home bar goodies, part 2

Following up from our previous post on recommended equipment, here are a few more home bar "necessities" BG Reynolds recommends for your tiki bar setup!

Lele/Swizzle Stick

The traditional, final "ingredient" to a proper Ti Punch! This hand-held version of a spindle mixer makes not only a wonderful bartending tool, but doubles as design for your home bar. The stick is snapped off a tree grown in the caribbean, so it brings a touch of provenance to your home bar!

Measuring Cup

For getting your crushed ice measurements just right, there's no substitute for a no-nonsense, simple as can be 2 cup measuring cup. Get the perfect pour out into your glass every time with precisely measured crushed ice. No cumbersome scoops needed.

Coconut Opener

A must have? Maybe, but if you've never drank a cocktail out of a freshly cracked coconut, you're missing out! These make it much easier than mangling with a machete, safer for the fingers as well. 


There are some ingredients that require just a dash or a drop to get just right, otherwise they dominate the drink. A few droppers for your Absinthe, Pimento Dram, or Angostura bitters make a far more precise measuring device than a dash and a dream. 

Paper Straws

We at BG Reynolds are fully endorsing an end to plastic straws. But darnit, crushed ice is a nightmare to sip from the lip! So, Paper straws from Aardvark make a dandy solution. Not only are they more environmentally sound, but they are absolutely gorgeous in your tropical cocktails.

That's it for this round of product recommendations! Looking for something else? Ask in the comments!