BG Reynolds kickstarter coming soon!

BG Reynolds will be releasing three new syrups very soon, but we can't just let these go with no pomp, circumstance, and a big fracas of fanfare. So, BG Reynolds is heading to KICKSTARTER to get this show on the road!

Why just be another (incredibly intelligent, savvy, and dare we say attractive) syrups customer, when you can get awesome bonus custom Mai Tai glassware, BG Reynolds Recipe booklets, and even a BG Reynolds Tiki mug or Hawaiian print shirt!

Join our super-special kickstarter mailing list by signing up below, and you'll be the first to know when our kickstarter launches! We've got some super special limited savings in the first 48 hours, and you'll be the first ones to know when the kickstarter is scheduled to go live! We're just hammering out some details now, but I can say this MAYbe you'll be the first to know, or you MAY not, you have to sign up for the MAYling list!