Leeward Grog


⦁    2 oz. Pineapple Juice (fresh is best, carton is fine, canned in an absolute emergency)
⦁    1 oz. Orange Juice (fresh is best, carton is fine)
⦁    1 oz. Aged Jamaican Rum
⦁    1 oz. Aged Haitian Rum (An agricole from Martinique would be intriguing.)
⦁    ½ oz. Coconut Rum
⦁    ½ oz.  Triple Sec
⦁    ½ oz. Vanilla Syrup
⦁    dash Grenadine

Shake over cracked ice, strain and serve over FRESH ice in a hollowed pineapple, or if you are deprived, a double old-fashioned glass with a cocktail stick spearing a pineapple chunk and a cocktail cherry.