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July 14th, 2018 - TIki Kon Weekend

More details to come soon. Got some time to help out? Fill out the volunteer sign-up form below! Join the crew in putting on an awesome show! Whether you'll be at Tiki Kon or not, we need your help!

Iron TikiTender is also looking for event partners and sponsors. There's going to be a lot of booze flying and bartenders to fly in too, we need your help! Check out our Sponsorship Pitch Deck for opportunities, and contact us with the Sponsor Sign-up below! Mahalo!


Volunteer SIGN-UP

Name *
Where would you like to help? We have room for just about everyone!
Have you worked with stage shows and events in the past? Skilled with social media, video editing, or anything else awesome? Let BG Reynolds know so we can find the right fit!
Will you be at Tiki Kon? *
Help is great everywhere, and with the internet, you can be incredibly effective even remote. Still, someone has to be there to move glassware and spank the mint!
I've never been a big fan of uncompensated volunteers for my events, I like everyone to get something out of it. What would you like to see? You'll drown in swag and syrups, of course, but I'm all ears for any other suggestions.


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Be sure to read the pitch deck, linked above, and let us know where we can best work together!