The night was as spicy as a firecracker dipped in cayenne.

Invigorating cocktails were on the menu. Handmade orgeat syrup. Orange bitters. Grenadine syrup that straddled the line between tart, sweet, and rich. Made from scratch, sourced with obsessive detail, and custom made to produce the perfect cocktail. Or so Blair Reynolds intended.

Then a one-time bartender sidled up to the bar, ordered a gimlet, and spilled. Started lamenting to a sympathetic ear that it’s next to impossible to make cocktail ingredients by hand, night after night, that meet the quality standards of obsessives like them. Dozens of burned batches. Erratic sources of ginger, cinnamon, and other essential ingredients. Frustrations leading to resignation that perfection would always take a backseat to ease.

For Reynolds, a light switched on. Glasses clinked in the distance. A fresh lime dropped into a mojito with a celebratory splash.

Within months, BG Reynolds was born. He set free an original orgeat syrup made with real almonds, cane sugar, and weeks of high-spirited research, testing, and tasting. Designed to turn out flavors worthy of a bartender’s exacting standards, consistently. Other syrups soon followed. Grenadine. Cinnamon. Wild ginger.

House-made syrups and mixers made by bartenders, for bartenders. But for others too. Devout home mixologists and entertainers. Seasoned cocktail drinkers and new converts. All made with real ingredients, painstakingly sourced. Each the perfect union of flavors, balance, and integrity to produce refreshing, authentic-tasting cocktails again. And again. And again.

Cocktails that take you places you’ve never been before. Like Blair Reynolds intended.

Finally, complex cocktails that only taste complicated. BG Reynolds, established 2009.

Blair Reynolds 


When you meet Blair Reynolds--the mastermind behind B.G. Reynolds’ Syrups--it becomes clear he is not only a devoted drink aficionado but also a strategic business expert with an entrepreneurial drive, an innovative bartender and a well-loved bar owner based in Portland, Oregon. His dedication to sharing his passion for tropical libations and tiki culture is unmatched, and he’s most excited when helping others celebrate the idea of paradise revived (whether that involves making a delicious cocktail, creating new products, or supporting others in the hospitality and food service industries).

When not in the midst of a rush of Mai Tais, Blair enjoys spending time with his wife and partner, Sara Reynolds, and their three children.