Tiki Spices


Tiki Spices

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Formerly Donn’s Spices #2

That Familiar Mystery

When Blair started down this path about a decade ago, his interest was sparked by a late-night conversation with another bartender he was serving. As bar conversations are wont to do, they wandered down a path of lamenting the unattainable: consistently high-quality mixers. After all, Blair could make some incredible mixers behind his own bar, but how could he share that with folks beyond his immediate crowd?

Tiki Spices is an example of our attempt to do just that. It’s a top-secret blend of Jamaican pimento berry (aka Allspice) and Madagascar vanilla. And it’s totally okay if you don’t know what either of those taste like individually, because…who does? But when we put them together in ideal proportion, the end result is just what you need to put that cocktail over the top.

Whether you’re making a Zombie at the table, a Rhum Swizzle for your party, or a Fog Cutter just to impress someone, this is the difference you need for it. It’s indicative of our underlying mission—to share our favorite mixers we’ve developed over years of practice and trial and error with as many folks as we can. So regardless of your mixologist credentials, take the dive with us and try adding this to your next drink that needs that vanilla and allspice kick.

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Ingredients: Sugar, water, brown sugar (sugar, invert sugar, cane molasses). Contains less than 2%: spices, citric acid.